Whoa!…I have how much LEGO?!

Like a priest in the confessional, my trusted mover Adam broke the news gently to me the other day…”Jenn, you have a lot of stuff.” Yeah, Adam I know that. But, the realities of just how much “stuff” was made clear as we went through the details of what is currently in storage in Victoria, on a eastbound truck, and left in Ontario in the care of my ex. Adam knows his stuff, and estimates my LEGO and belongings total at least 15,000 pounds. Yeah, that means about 10,000 of that is LEGO….Whoa.

His tone was gentle and his demeanor evocative of a shrink trying to get a crazy person to see the blatant disconnect in her behavior. It was a conversation not lost on me as I had just spent a horrific several weeks packing up vast quantities of bricks and belongings under a very strict deadline…and believe me, moving all of this cross country each year is not cheap! I felt weighed down by all that I own and it made me seriously want to evaluate this hobby of mine.

When I moved west last year I brought with me only the LEGO that I wanted to build with: my mosaic studio, my transparent element collection, and my LEGO MINDSTORMS parts. I was excited to settle in to my large apartment and have my LEGO room functional with what I felt was the perfect amount of bricks to fill it. Since just about day one however, the urge all fans have where colourful ABS is concerned overtook me and I steadily added to my stash brick by brick. Now I am questioning that habit…or at least my checkbook is.

I have this vision of my future that sees me land wherever an interesting job takes me and that allows for me to relocate on a whim. -that is not possible in my current state. Is my need for more brick a sickness? Am I the only AFOL questioning my need to acquire more and more LEGO as each new set/element/collectible is launched? …Is there an episode of A&E’s Hoarders reserved for me in future??

I have gotten an education these last few weeks, one that really makes me think about what I want going forward….Well, I guess there are a few minutes I can spend on that today while driving across Idaho!

  • Casey

    Just spotted your car road trippin across Montana and into the great state of North Dakota!! Our boys are Lego fans… Your blog is great! Best wishes on your trip back to Ontario!

  • Dave

    I passed me the other day around the Minnesota Wisconsin border, had to check out your site since both of my boys are into LEGOs, they lik your car. Hopefully you had a safe trip and best wishes on your surgery..Dave

  • BZPCratak

    As for your question if you’re the only AFOL questioning your need to buy more LEGO each time something new comes out, you aren’t. I can say that I feel that urge many times, but I have to remind myself of what I have, what I have to do, the amount of money I have, what I need to use it on later, etc. It’s really hard. :S

  • Janice

    Hey Brick Chick! Nice to see your car back on the street. My little guy was thrilled as we pulled into the driveway – the lego car the lego car it’s back!! Any bugs he sees are now naked according to him since they don’t have any bricks on them. Hope you are well and back where you want to be.

    Janice, across the street from your old digs.

    • http://www.thebrickchick.com/ Jenn Wagner

      Oh my goodness Janice! Thanks for the post!! We feel so happy to be back on the street again…and so darn pleased to be missed!

  • Glenn Copeland

    So just to be nosy & pushy, what kind of LEGO fun have you been up to? Hopefully more than you’ve been posting about.
    Also: since LEGO turned me down when I offered my car up for advertising (hey, I have LEG GODT plates and everything!) I’ve wondered how you went about decorating your car?